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3 Misconceptions about Squatting and 1 Real Solution

Why incorporating these solutions will get you results and reduce injuries.

What is the perfect way to squat?

How far should my squat depth be?

What is the best position; high bar or low bar?

Let’s take a further look…

Question 1:   What is the perfect way to squat?

Before you start it is important to determine what you’re actually squatting for.

Emphasis – Are you squatting for; Quads, Glutes/Hams, Power/Sport. This will determine your set up and the execution of the exercise.

Mechanical Structure – Your structure largely determines your bias to which type of squat you’ll be best at. A short femur and long tibia generally means you will be hip dominate by nature, whereas a short tibia and long femur will bias quad dominance.

Injuries or Limitations – Do you have any past unresolved injuries or structural limitations e.g. ankle sprain, hernia, disc injury. These issues could contribute to instabilities and weaknesses in hips, knees, spine, core, etc

Question 2:   How far should my squat depth be?

First, we want to determine the differences between Active, Passive and Loaded ranges of motion.

Active – How far you can move while contracting a muscle under tension

Passive – How far you can move with NO muscular tension

Loaded – How far you can move while letting the load move you

All three have purposes, but generally, we focus on an active range of motion as it has the most benefit for body composition and overall health.

Click HERE to find your active range of motion! (Link to video)

Question 3:   What is the best position; high bar or low bar?

This will largely be determined by your goal of the exercise. Let’s take a look at the initial differences to begin

High Bar – You are able to maintain a more upright position and thus easier to initiate with the quads.

Bar Position QUAD Dominant Barbell Back Squat Link Integrated Health

Low Bar – The lower bar position forces you to flex at the hips more, putting more focus on glutes.

Bar Position Hip Dominant Barbell Back Squat Link Integrated Health

Depending on your goals a high bar position generally favors a better set up for quads, while a low bar position favors the glutes. This, however, can be further impacted by your structure, mobility and execution of the movements.

The number one solution to perfect squatting is…

Finding the best solution for you and your goals! Remember you’re an individual and different than your friend’s, colleagues and Instagram stars. What works for one person may not fit your structure, injury history or your goals. Research yourself with trial and error, or save time and hire an experienced coach to ensure your getting results in a faster period of time.

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