4 Crucial Daily Habits to Improve Sleep Quality and Manage Stress

In today’s busy world sleep can become less of a priority. Often scenarios come up that are out of our control such as working overtime to meet a deadline, dealing with stressful relationships, and going through financial difficulties can all contribute to poor quality sleep.

Below are 4 key habits to incorporate into your daily life to improve sleep quality and manage stress.

Sleep in the Dark

Sleeping in the dark is best for deep sleep and melatonin production. The brain can still sense light through your eyelids even when they are closed. Most of you have experienced this when you close your eyes and someone turns on a light.

Solution – Ensure all lights are covered and your phone turned off. Investing in black out blinds over windows helps conceal darkness in the room.

Regular Sleep & Wake Times

Sticking to a consistent sleep and wake schedule, especially on the weekends, will allow your body to coordinate its natural circadian rhythm.

Solution – Pick a regular time to wake up at and stick to it. Plan to go to bed at the same time every-night and build a routine to make sure you are in bed at that time. Studies show optimal bed times are between 930 and 11pm.

Avoiding Caffeine Past 3 p.m.

Caffeine is a know stimulant and has a half-life of approximately 5-6 hours in humans. This is why energy drink and stimulant products advertise a 5-6 hour boost in energy. Consuming caffeine to late in the afternoon can throw off your bodies ability to relax into the evening.

Solution – Limit consumption of caffeine and stimulant products to before 3pm

Exposure to Blue Light at Night

Blue lights from screens (phone, computer, electronics) contributes to a decrease in melatonin, especially within 60 minutes prior to sleep.

Solution – Take 60 minutes before you go to bed away from your computer, phone and other electronics. Make a list of items that are priorities to follow up with in the morning.

Getting a good nights sleep is crucial for optimal health and we have complied a list of articles to help you achieve your best!

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