ABC’s to Feeling Better

A blog post by John Foulkes, OPC (Dipl.), Registered Psychotherapist
Still not achieving your health goals, stuck in a vicious circle of starting and stopping?  
Can’t seem to shake a general feeling of sadness or unhappiness? 
Overwhelmed and feeling stuck in your life? 
If this describes you, no doubt your state of mind and happiness are potentially being hijacked by stress, frustration, and what can feel like utter confusion at times. With life throwing so many curve balls it makes sense that you’re feeling overwhelmed and maybe even a little defeated. 
So what should you do?
I’d like to share something I’ve learned from my clinical experience and training over the years.  

‘ABC’ Method!

Here are the 3 steps

A – Awareness: Being aware of your state of mind and underlying emotions is the first step to feeling better. How is this done? Check-in with yourself and ask, “What am I focusing on and how am I feeling about it.”  Take a moment to write down the thoughts you’re having and try to put a ‘feeling’ word to the experience i.e. “I am feeling sad”.

B – Breathe: Once you’re tuned into what’s in your heart and on your mind, breathe deeply into the experience. Allow yourself to be present to the emotions. The key is to gently be with your feelings. Use deep breathing to keep yourself grounded, and discover that the emotions can eventually settle down.

C – Clarity: Once you’re feeling a sense of calm that comes with deep breathing, you’ll begin to have clearer thoughts. You may even feel less overwhelmed and confused. Hopefully, with some practice, you will gain new perspectives to an old problem and bring effective solutions into focus.

So…no matter what you’re facing, take a moment and connect with yourself using the ABC’s. Once you take care of you, then you’ll be more resourceful to take life on more confidently, or even just get through the day.

‘Dig a little deeper’ Tip:
Practice, practice, practice the ABC’s, even if it’s for just a few minutes a day.

Can you see how the ABC method will help you manage a difficult situation in your life? Feel free to contact me any time, if you want to explore this further.

John Foulkes, Registered Psychotherapist

John is a Coach and Psychotherapist. You can reach him at

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