The Best Split Squat Variations and How to Program in Your Workout

Add these exercises to improve performance and eliminate back pain! Split squats are one of the only ways to work the rectus femoris in the lengthened position. This is crucial for structural balance and performance. Most people have weakness in the lengthen position and in return have issues with lower abdominal and low back pain. FRONT FOOT ELEVATED CABLE SPLIT SQUAT Elevating the front foot de-loads the quad. Great for people who have range of motion and strength issues. Coaching Tip – Have the [...]

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4 Reasons to Use Vitamin D to Optimize Your Health

Let’s first understand where we get Vitamin D and how it works in the body. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is found organically in a few foods. Due to a few natural foods containing Vitamin D, it is added to many (bread, milk etc) and available as a supplement. Vitamin D is also produced endogenously when skin is exposed to UV rays from the sun, depending on your position in the world this could be limited. It is important to note that [...]

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Exercise Programming 101 – Understanding the Basics for Optimal Results!

Exercise programming can be confusing so we’ve summarized key points, to begin with. Use this as a reference guide on how to better understand our programs. Goals A goal is reached in an exercise program by changing exercise variables. Changing exercise variables focuses on a specific goal. You must focus on one goal for a period of 4-12 weeks for best results. Exercise Variables in Programs Repetitions – Number of times a weight is lifted consecutively in one set Sets – Number of consecutive [...]


4 Reasons Youths Must Strength Train

Protection against injuries If you play competitive sports- you will get injured. Injuries do happen in low impact, non-collision sports such as swimming often due to heavy volume with poor technique while having weak muscles/tendons. Injury rates increase with land/ice based collision sports such as hockey, lacrosse and soccer. One’s ability to create proximal ‘stiffness’ in the torso prior to contact can be protective against injuries including reducing the incidence of concussions. Stiffness is enhanced by resistance training. Strength training also improves [...]

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3 Misconceptions about Squatting and 1 Real Solution

Why incorporating these solutions will get you results and reduce injuries. What is the perfect way to squat? How far should my squat depth be? What is the best position; high bar or low bar? Let’s take a further look… Question 1:   What is the perfect way to squat? Before you start it is important to determine what you’re actually squatting for. Emphasis – Are you squatting for; Quads, Glutes/Hams, Power/Sport. This will determine your set up and the execution of the exercise. Mechanical Structure – Your [...]

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Is your magnesium supplement helping or hurting you?

Not all magnesium supplements are created equal, and some can be harmful! Learn the differences between products and the uses for each! Question: aren’t all magnesium supplements the same? Short answer, no. There are several factors to consider from quality of mineral, chelate and delivery (capsules, powder, liquid). First, we need to know what the supplement is actually is doing in bodies. Did you know that the first name of a mineral is not the most important part? The second name of [...]


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