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Probiotics & Prebiotics Your Ultimate Guide

Bloated stomach? Endless flatulence? Wicked diarrhoea? Believe it or not, you don’t have to live with these symptoms.Ever wonder why it takes so long for the food that we eat to make its way through our stomach? As it turns out, one of the numerous reasons has to do with the importance of both prebiotics and probiotics in our stomach. Both prebiotics and probiotics are naturally occurring microorganisms found in our stomach and intestine, which are both known as [...]


Signs You Are Overtraining & What to Do

Does working more hours make you more money? Not necessarily. By doing so, you increase your risk of wasting time on useless things. While seemingly busy, you may be preventing yourself from focusing on priorities and the task at hand, and possibly be decreasing your productivity. The same is true with training. You may be weight training 4 times a week, jogging 30 km a week, doing spin class 3 times a week and going to Pilates class on your [...]


5 Ways To Get Out Of Your Turkey Coma!

1. Avoid sugar (processed and unprocessed), dairy, soy, gluten, and eggs These foods are common allergens and can be inflammatory to your gut. Most people have found improvements in their gut health, mood and mental clarity when they cut out these foods from their diet. 2. Drink your food and chew your water Your mouth is the first and last voluntary digestion that happens in your body. When food particles are too large, food molecules can irritate your gut lining. After you [...]


Weight Loss VS Fat Loss – What Your Doing Wrong

One thing that makes us happy is when clients, particularly women, are able to differentiate between fat loss and weight loss You can be 150lb of lean muscle or 150lb of skinny fat. Body fat distribution tells a bigger story There are different types of fat distribution, and different types are associated with certain nutritional or hormonal imbalances. Do you store fat in the belly? You’re probably a stress bucket. On the sides of your body? You could be insulin insensitive or perhaps you may have a [...]


Understanding Brainwaves and Your Health

Why Care About Brainwaves? Our brainwave profile and our everyday experience of the world are inseparable. When our brainwaves are out of equilibrium, there will be corresponding issues in our psychological and physical wellbeing. Research has identified brainwave patterns related to multiple types of emotional and neurological conditions. Over-arousal in certain brain regions is linked to anxiety disorders, sleep issues, nightmares, hyper-vigilance, spontaneous behaviour, anger/aggression, agitated depression, chronic nerve pain and spasticity. Under-arousal in certain brain regions leads to some kinds [...]

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Dopamine And Your Emotional Health – 3 Things You Must Know

Dopamine is a key player in emotional health. People who have poor dopamine levels can suffer from depression, social anxiety and lack of motivation. Regulation of this neurotransmitter is crucial for optimal mental and emotional health. Depression Dopamine is an important necessary neurotransmitter for our frontal lobe function in our brains and for us to feel connected and enjoyment with activities. Low dopamine contributes to a decrease in the reward mechanism of the brain and in return, often those people affected have [...]

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Is Resistance Training for All Ages? Who Should and Shouldn’t Be Training!

Resistance Training for All Ages Many feel that resistance training is not for everyone. This thinking is faulty for one fundamental reason: every person who exercises – is in some way, shape, or form – strengthening their body. A child who pushes, pulls, and strains their way through gymnastics sessions on a regular basis and becomes stronger and more agile as a result, is resistance training, so it a senior who perseveres through group fitness classes and improves their strength [...]

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Do You Often Wake Up In The Night? Find Out Why!

Do you often go to bed, only to wake up at different times in the night? Find out what that could mean for your health!Waking up from 11pm-1am is usually a sign of sugar dysregulation.  Cortisol is spiking in an effort to balance sugar levels in the bloodstream.  Try including more vegetables and eliminating sugary foods closer to bedtime. Or perhaps the size of the evening meal is just too large.   Waking up from 1am-3am is indicative of liver toxicity.  Liver detoxification is [...]

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How To Determine The BEST Training Program

You’re looking to start a new workout routine and there are hundreds if not thousands of plans you can do. How will you know which ones are quality and which ones are just the latest fad or gimmick?Even if you happen to find a program based on your goals, how can you be sure that program is going to be effective for your unique needs, injury and medical history, body mechanics and more? If you don’t have all the answers, [...]

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Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes That Kill Muscle Gains

Excess Activity Building muscle requires an often overlooked component recovery. This recovery takes place when you finish your last set. Performing long duration cardio sessions or playing extra sports all tax the body leading to an increase in cortisol (stress hormone) and a decrease in recovery. Tip – If building muscle is your #1 priority keep extra cardio and activities outside of your workouts to a minimum. “Bulk Mode” The old school mentality of “bulking” in the offseason only to shred in the in-season can [...]


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