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How Stress Affects Your Health And 3 Simple Tips

  Stress causes changes in hormone levels as well as immune system, cardiac and gastrointestinal functions. Prolonged stress results in predictable effects on the body, and the physiological and psychological consequences of acute and chronic stress can persist beyond the actual ending of a stressful event. Stress is two-sided. Stress is needed at the right times, for example, working out but as soon as you finish your last set you want stress to dissipate in order to start the recovery process. The terms are [...]

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How Stress Affects Your Nutrition & Simple Solutions

With work, family and other obligations, stress is a common part of our daily life. While stress is something we all deal with from time to time, stress can have a negative impact on your health if chronic. Overworking and under recovering can lead to unhealthy lifestyle habits,  which contribute more stress, leading to a very negative stress cycle. Picture you are facing a very tight deadline at work, you might make poor choices about what to eat, relying on refined sugars [...]


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