Member Highlight – Julie Watson – Afterglow Yoga Studio Owner

“Link is not just a place to come and use the facility, it’s a whole community, everyone knows each other here and it’s like being a part of a family.” Julie came to Link looking to be re-motivated into strength training and to help improve movement after some past injuries. Julie owns a busy Yoga studio, Afterglow, and has done a lot of yoga in the past few years, but with limited strength training. Since starting at Link Julie is stronger, more [...]


Member Highlight – Mike Galita

“It’s all about form, how you do it and tempo, something I would never think about! There is so much more that I am learning and I love the results!” Mike began working out 2 years prior to Link. Upon joining Link Mike quickly began to understand what he was doing before was not as optimal or specific to his goals. Since learning proper form and program design for his body type Mike is now growing more muscle, getting leaner and [...]


Member Highlight – Mary Boscia

“Taking me outside of my comfort zone and pushing me beyond what I ever think I can do and that’s really helped me personally” Mary was a blank slate with no experience in lifting weights or how to move her body properly. She was looking for a change in how she looks, feels, eats and lives! With a full-time management job, kids and a busy household stress and self-care was a major issue but while working out at Link [...]


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