Member Highlight – Mary Boscia

“Taking me outside of my comfort zone and pushing me beyond what I ever think I can do and that’s really helped me personally”Mary was a blank slate with no experience in lifting weights or how to move her body properly. She was looking for a change in how she looks, feels, eats and lives! With a full-time management job, kids and a busy household stress and self-care was a major issue but while working out at Link [...]

Digestion Stomach Vector Link Integrated Health

You Are What You Absorb! – Digestion 101

The stomach basically has two major functions for digesting your food.  It has a mechanical and chemical process.  The chemical part is the production of gastric juices that start to break down your food, kill microbes, and stimulates the later parts of digestion.  The mechanical process is basically a way of swishing around your food in the stomach to break it up and expose the food the gastric juices. When you eat, you are using almost all your senses to [...]


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