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Do You Often Wake Up In The Night? Find Out Why!

Do you often go to bed, only to wake up at different times in the night? Find out what that could mean for your health!

circadian link integrated health

Waking up from 11pm-1am is usually a sign of sugar dysregulation.  Cortisol is spiking in an effort to balance sugar levels in the bloodstream.  Try including more vegetables and eliminating sugary foods closer to bedtime. Or perhaps the size of the evening meal is just too large.  

Waking up from 1am-3am is indicative of liver toxicity.  Liver detoxification is a priority for you.

3am-5am is usually a sign of oxidative stress. Increasing quality of multivitamin, and/or addition of specific antioxidants would be helpful.

Waking up from 5am-7am is usually related to the large intestine and/or the triple warmer meridian.  There is a Chinese formula that we use to help with this wake-up time that works VERY well.  If this is your normal wake up time for work etc, then it should not concern you.

What is a good night’s sleep?  Proper sleep means falling asleep easy, not waking up until the morning, and waking up with energy.  If you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, waking up, or all the above, it is a sign you are not able to manage the stress your body is under.

The good news is that there are natural ways to improve your sleep and your health at the same time.  Over the counter and prescription sleep, medications may make you sleep, but they could leave the underlying condition untreated.

The simplest and most effective ways to help improve sleep are ensuring adequate nutrient levels of magnesium and zinc, D3 (either from sunlight or in supplemental form), and eliminating stimulating activities immediately before bed such as TV, the computer, or being on your phone. Once those are taken care of, consider the potential adjustments above based on when you tend to wake up during the night. Read our article on sleep strategies HERE 

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