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How To Determine The BEST Training Program

You’re looking to start a new workout routine and there are hundreds if not thousands of plans you can do. How will you know which ones are quality and which ones are just the latest fad or gimmick?

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Even if you happen to find a program based on your goals, how can you be sure that program is going to be effective for your unique needs, injury and medical history, body mechanics and more?

If you don’t have all the answers, that’s okay! 

Do you have a plan?

Walking into the gym without a plan is like gambling; You know you want to make money but you’re just throwing the dice and crossing your fingers.

health consult link integrated health nutritionYou’re as likely to find a plan that works for you as one that’s detrimental to your health. Assessing where you’re at and what you’re working with is the first step in understanding what you should be doing.

A comprehensive health assessment is the first set to determining not only what plan meets your goals but ALSO includes you as an individual including; health & injury history, biomechanics & structure, genetic markers, past exercise history, the list goes on.

Key – If in your health assessment your consultant should be diving deeper into the above if they aren’t we suggest you look elsewhere for help! 

Do you know what movements are best for you?

Everyone has different anatomy, different weakness and different goals. With the number of exercises out there, how can you know what is best for you? When it comes to exercise technique, copying what you see on social media or the trendy fitness magazine is not necessarily going to mean you’re doing what’s right. Even if what you’re doing looks like what you see in that video you love, you may not be executing the movement the same.

Key – A good consult will give you insight into what exercises are better for your current needs and if the exercises you’re already doing are actually beneficial.

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What should be included in a Comprehensive Health Consultation 

  • Goal Setting – This seems obvious but if your consultant isn’t going into detail about why you’re actually in to see them and you motivating factors how can you expect them to truly guide you? Some questions that must be asked are; timelines of goals, injury & medical history, past and current fitness activities, short time and long-term goals.



  • Functional Movement Analysis – How you move is a great indicator of what to focus on when in the gym. Some examples of movements you may be asked to do in an assessment are:health consult link integrated health squat
    • Squat
    • Split squat or Single-leg Squat
    • Wall arm slide
    • Torsion control

More detailed or specific tests might be utilized depending on individual health history or limitations.

  • Body Composition Scan – Regardless of what the goal is, body composition tells us a lot about our current health levels. Having some objective data besides a weight scale is important not only to track progress but also to know how close you are to optimal health levels.

Key – Spending the time to go through a consultation should result in you having a better understanding of where you’re at and what solutions are available to you. Based on your results, your trainer should be able to outline an intelligent strategy to target your specific needs and get you started on the plan that will benefit you the most!

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