Is Stress Holding You Back?

One of the major factors in being able to move forward with weight loss or building a physique is being able to manage other areas of your life effectively. 

When we work with clients we don’t simply work with them on Training and Nutrition.

We work with the person as a whole.

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Here are 5 Steps that you can use daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you feel overwhelmed and have stopped moving forward with your goals.

#1 Outsource – Sounds easy, but won’t that cost money? Potentially. However… How much do you value your own time? We see people every day working hard on tasks that they, in fact, are very poor at doing. It takes huge chunks out of their valuable time, causing unnecessary fatigue when in fact that task can be outsourced cheaply and to a higher standard if done by a professional. Prime example that we come across is Meal Prep

#2 Make Time For You – If training is your time, make sure your phone is switched to airplane mode to avoid the temptation of answering emails and text messages which can potentially induce stress and stop you from being present for the task at hand.

#3 Develop a Toolbox – Having a “stress toolbox” at hand can be an awesome way for you to get some headspace when needed. Going for a walk, booking a massage & writing in a journal are all highly effective ways to keep you moving forward when the going gets tough.

#4 Prioritise – If your “To Do” list is a mile long this one is for you… Having a hundred tasks in front of you can be stressful in itself, never mind actually completing each task. Put the tasks into order of importance and start on with them. Break them down into particular sections of your day or week if need be. Don’t over commit, see #1.

#5 Eat Healthy – A well-nourished body free from nutrient deficiencies is able to perform highly and more effective whether the task is mental or physical. For anyone who is consistently fatigued remember, you cannot pour water from an empty cup… 

This is why we focus so much on stress management for our clients

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