Health Benefits of Magnesium Link Integrated Health

Is your magnesium supplement helping or hurting you?

Health Benefits of Magnesium Link Integrated Health

Not all magnesium supplements are created equal, and some can be harmful!

Learn the differences between products and the uses for each!

Question: aren’t all magnesium supplements the same?

Short answer, no. There are several factors to consider from quality of mineral, chelate and delivery (capsules, powder, liquid). First, we need to know what the supplement is actually is doing in bodies.

Did you know that the first name of a mineral is not the most important part? The second name of the mineral dictates what the supplement does in your body! The first name and last name are referred to as a “chelate.”

If we take for example magnesium oxide to help with sleep, we will be running to the bathroom all night instead of a restful night. This is because the “oxide” has low bioavailability meaning your body cannot use it efficiently and results in waste.

Consider your goals of supplementing will dictate what form you need to use.

Question: What is the best form of magnesium?  

The best form depends on what your desired goal is. Magnesium that helps with sleep is different than magnesium used to boost energy. The chelate combinations have different bioavailability, absorption, and affinities in the body.

Here are some common forms and their uses


Malate (malic acid) is used in cellular energy cycle and can help to improve ATP production. This form is best used for increasing energy and reducing fatigue.


Glycine is a calming amino acid. This chelate has good bio-availability as glycine is absorbed through the intestinal wall. This form is best used for relaxing, chronic pain and muscle hyper-tonicity.


During studies this form of magnesium improved learning abilities working memory as well as brain function. Studies also found that this form helped to improve quality of sleep. Use this form for improving working memory and deep sleep.


Taurine has an ability to improve cardiac function and a calming effect on neuromuscular excitability. Studies have shown taurine to reduce blood pressure. This form is best used for enhancing heart health.


Bonded with citric acid this form of magnesium of rapidly absorbed in the digestive tract but has a laxative effect. Better than oxide for bioavailability we recommend using this form in a blend.


Used in milk of magnesia products for a laxative effect. The oxide molecular has poor bio-availability and is regarded as the least optimal form as a supplement.

Click HERE to view our recommended brands for each.

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