Member Highlight – Joanna Tiffin

“Injuries that were holding me back are no longer!”

Joanna came to Link with the goal of getting stronger, improving her energy and to fix nagging past injuries. She used to struggle with knee and shoulder issues limiting activities like snowboarding and dance.

She found the education of the trainers at Link a crucial part of the process to allow her to improve on areas that have been problematic. During her training, she began to develop a better feeling for what she was training and how muscles were supposed to feel – a big difference than just going through the actions of a movement and not getting the muscles to fully work.

Now that Joanna is stronger, injury free and has more energy she can snowboard again. Recently she started dance which has also become a lot easier! Joanna now looks forward to coming to the gym and training because it makes her feel great!

Link provides tools to get you towards goals.

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