Member Highlight – Julie Watson – Afterglow Yoga Studio Owner

“Link is not just a place to come and use the facility, it’s a whole community, everyone knows each other here and it’s like being a part of a family.”

Julie came to Link looking to be re-motivated into strength training and to help improve movement after some past injuries.

Julie owns a busy Yoga studio, Afterglow, and has done a lot of yoga in the past few years, but with limited strength training.

Since starting at Link Julie is stronger, more motivated and excited about working out!

Julie is able to function better, physically feel stronger and several of her injuries have been resolved since strengthening muscle she didn’t know she had!

After time off due to injuries and muscle imbalances in her hip, Julie looks forward to being able to run again without pain!

She knows that each session she will be pushed beyond her limits and challenged while being safe and feeling stronger and healthier.

Link provides tools to get you towards goals.

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