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We believe that health and wellness is a lifestyle and based on your individualized needs and goals. At Link we do just that

We want our members to access the top health professionals for each of our services while ensuring convenience. This is why we offer our high level services all in-house, eliminating the need to travel to multiple locations for your fitness, therapy, and nutritional needs.

Keeping services at one locations allows all your health professionals to communicate and collaborate to ensure you get the greatest results – True integration!

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Exclusivity, Quality and Convenience

Preferred rate on Personal Training, Group Training, and Health Services.
Exclusive Workshops, Seminars, and Classes with advance registration.
Link Integrated Health app for mobile booking, registrations, and billing.
Full Access to Link Training Facility during all business hours.
Three intro Personal Training sessions with a comprehensive Health Assessment.
10% Off all Vitamins, Supplements, and Shakes.
Access to FIR Sauna Service, using state-of-the-art infrared heating technology.
Free Guest Passes to bring your Friends & Family to train at Link.
Enjoy Premium Towel Service during your workout and clean-up.

Exclusivity, Quality and Convenience

With the best equipment in the world, highly knowledgeable staff as a resource, and not having to worry about crowds or fighting for equipment, our gym in Toronto is like having your own private elite training facility. Every tool you need to succeed is located within our gyms.

You deserve only the best and that’s why we are one of the Best Gyms in Toronto for every type of workout.

At Link, we offer our Exclusive Membership which allows you to take advantages of all of the training, health services and products at a discount while giving you access to our seminars, workshops and exclusive classes. We cap our membership off to ensure there is no overcrowding of the facilities.

Also included with all of our Exclusive Memberships; FIR sauna, towel service, InBody body composition analysis, guest passes and more.

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