Nutrition, where to start? Remember your ABC’s!

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Nutrition is often an overlooked aspect to health with regards to individualization.

Many coaches and practitioners often suggest a “one size fits all diet” that either worked for them or is the current trend. The reality is that we are all different and our diet must take into consideration our training programs, stress levels, sleep quality, allergens, gut health, the list goes on!
Below are general guidelines we recommend to start for a healthy lifestyle.

Remember your ABC’s!


Consume a solid protein source at every meal. Animal proteins are regarded as the highest & most complete sources. Opt for poultry, beef, lamb from organic grass fed sources for less toxins.



Include fats at every meal, particularly in the morning. Favor high omega 3 sources such as eggs and fish over vegetable sources such as canola oil as they are high in pro-inflammatory omega 6’s.


Carbohydrates should be monitored and used according to training program. Excess carbohydrate intake can lead to decreased insulin sensitivity and make it difficult to lose fat or gain muscle.


Regular rotation of foods, particularly proteins. Consuming the same food source every day can lead to food sensitives, plus it’s just plain boring! When shopping buy a new vegetables or protein that you’ve never tried before.


Eliminate common known allergens (gluten, dairy, soy, artificial colours). It is impossible to become healthier if you are filling your body will toxic products. Removing commonly know issues is crucial for healing to begin.
It is important to understand ones individualized needs, goals and current state when entering into a nutrition change as what works for one person may be detrimental to another. The above is mean’t to serve as a reference point. If you have been struggling and looking for more information please send us a message HERE

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