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Nutrition, where to start? 5 Easy to Follow Steps

Nutrition, diet, exercise, where to start?

Nutrition is often an overlooked aspect of health with regards to individualization. Most coaches suggest a “one size fits all diet” that either worked for them or is a current trend. The reality we are all different and our diet must take into consideration our training programs, stress levels, sleep quality, allergens, gut health, the list goes on

Below are general guidelines we at Link recommend to start for a healthy lifestyle;

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A = Solid protein source at every meal (organic, unprocessed, hormone free)
B = Fats at every meal, particularly in the morning
C = Carbohydrates should be monitored and used according to your training program
D = Regular rotation of foods, particularly proteins
E = Eliminate common known allergens (gluten, dairy, soy, artificial colours)

Everyone has different goals and needs, at Link our nutrition experts specialize in your individualization. We perform a comprehensive intake and with our body composition analysis, we get you started on the right path.

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