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Program Design 101 – A Guideline To Effective Results Based Training

Exercise programming can be confusing so we’ve summarized key points, to begin with. Use this as a reference guide on how to better understand our programs.


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A goal is reached in an exercise program by changing exercise variables. Changing exercise variables focuses on a specific goal. You must focus on one goal for a period of 4-12 weeks for best results.

Exercise Variables in Programs

Repetitions – Number of times a weight is lifted consecutively in one set

Sets Number of consecutive reps done in a row before stopping

Rest How long waited before moving to the next set or exercise

Tempo – The speed at which the movement is performed for one repetition

Exercise Selection The specific movements done in a workout routine

Tempo Explained


4 – Eccentric or lowering of the weight (lengthening of muscle)

1 – Pause in the lowered position

2 – Concentric or lifting of the weight (shortening of the muscle)

1 – Pause in the lifted position

Below is a table of some variables and their associated goals. These are not complete finite rules, and other factors such as execution and intent play a role. We recommend consulting with an experienced coach to find out what is best for you. Click HERE



Strength Endurance










180-300 seconds / 3-5 minutes

60-120 seconds / 1.5-2 minutes

0-60 seconds


0-20 seconds

20-60 seconds

60 seconds +

Exercises 1-4 4-8


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