Success Story – Joey Martel

“Almost a year ago I couldn’t walk without a cane…literally hobbling around…6 months after that I came to Link I can move around pain-free and take back my life!”

Joey came with a debilitating back injury that forced him to use a cane to walk around and left him missing out on life experiences like road trips, sports and socializing with friends.

After months of trying it all from physiotherapist, chiropractors, athletic trainers and more he felt stuck depressed and hopeless. Joey found that during his initial intake the process was significantly different than his past experiences.

At Link we quickly identified what the root problems were and what needed to be done to address them to feel better fast, something that Joey struggled to get a straight answer too for over 8 months with other therapists!

During his time at Link he has improved his mobility reducing his back pain, lost 35lbs and overall living a better life taking a cross country wide pain free road trip!

Do you deal with daily aches and pain and need to feel better?

Are you missing out on life experiences?

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