Success Story – Pip Dwyer

“It’s Amazing, it Really Does Transform Your Whole Body, I am Stronger Than I Have Ever Been!”

Before training at Link, Pip was spending endless hours on cardio machines and had never lifted a weight.

After a few months of running and cardio Pip began to get hip & low back pain and felt weak in her core. This was affecting how she carried herself, her work and most importantly how she felt about herself.

Fed up with her past routine and now having issues with her hip and back, she decided to commit to making a lifestyle change and push outside her comfort zone and joined LINK.

Now, Pip is stronger than she ever has been! She now feels and looks stronger with improved posture and can work, run and be active without pain! She feels more positive and a sense of accomplishment that gives her the drive to a live healthier and happier life.

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