Want to Build Muscle? Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes!

Building muscle can be hard work so make sure it’s not harder by avoiding these 4 common mistakes!

Excess Activity

Building muscle requires an often overlooked component recovery. This recovery takes place when you finish your last set. Performing long duration cardio sessions or playing extra sports all tax the body leading to an increase in cortisol (stress hormone) and a decrease in recovery.

Tip – If building muscle is your #1 priority keep extra cardio and activities outside of your workouts to a minimum.

“Bulk Mode”

The old school mentality of “bulking” in the offseason only to shred in the in-season can be detrimental to your muscle building goals. Why? When you consume excess calories especially from poor nutrient-dense sources this generally leads to excess fat gain. The more often you increase insulin the more likely you are to become insulin resistant making it harder to not only gain muscle but get leaner!

Tip – Aim to stay as lean as possible while consuming nutrient dense food sources.

Inadequate Sleep

Similar to our mistake #1, recovery is most important during sleep. During sleep, our bodies are working hard to recover from our daily exposure to stress while re-balancing our neurotransmitters and other hormones so that we can begin another day fresh. Not getting enough duration or quality of sleep can lead to a decreased androgen and growth hormone levels.

Tip – Stick to a consistent sleep schedule and avoid electronics. Read more HERE

Poor Gut Health

Our gut is an important part of building muscle as this is where we break down and assimilate nutrients, proteins, etc, all crucial for us to put on muscle. Issues often arise from consuming more calories from often imbalanced macro-nutrient profiles and a lack of fiber.  Over time these issues can contribute to food sensitivities a potential leaky gut which is a muscle building nightmare!

Tip – Focus on consuming balanced meals with adequate fibre. Starting a gut rebuild protocol is what we recommend prior to starting a muscle gaining program. Find more HERE

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